Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kitchen Sink Goulash

I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!  (Mom, don't worry - I don't mean a boy...)  I was playing with the different settings on my camera the other morning and this magical picture appeared:

It kind of gives me chills!  There is something about Lily's eye that just intraps me - I have it as my background on my computer and can't wait to get prints developed!

I've been going to the grocery store more than I normally do since I've started this blog...  I've always cooked a lot but now I'm feeling more adventurous/creative so I buy just whatever looks good at the store.  That being the case,  I've had a head of cabbage and some Quinoa just calling my name that I wasn't sure what to do with.  I decided to make a stir fry sort of dish.  (The picture isn't very pretty, but the dish is delicious - I promise!)

I started by getting some red potatoes in a pot and the Quinoa on the stove.

I've never actually cooked Quinoa and I found this half floating/half sinking thing very bizarre...

Chop some garlic and onions...

and some carrots (or whatever you happen to have around - shallots, celery, bell pepper, etc.)

Throw them in pan with some extra virgin olive oil to start getting soft.

Throw in some spices.  I've been wanting some Indian food but can't really eat it in restaurants because my stomach will hate me for days after - but I can use some Indian spices in my cooking.  So I added Cumin, Paprika and little bit of Curry.

Chop up your cabbage (or use spinach) and add with some chicken stock.

I realize about at this point that my frying pan was going to be small and moved it to a sauce pan before adding the potatoes.

I like some heat in my food so I added a pinch of red pepper flakes and some Sriracha at some point during the cooking process.

Add this to the beautiful Quinoa that has been cooking.

And enjoy!  (I love doing this with whatever veggies I happen to have around and putting it over rice, Lentils, Quinoa or Couscous - depending on my mood and the vegetables.)

In case if you missed it, I LOVE IT!!!!!  (and her!)


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