Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It's been a truly amazing experience to be down at the Snow Lodge.  We have probably five feet of snow (and I could be grossly inaccurate in that guess since there are huge snow drifts and no real measuring tool - the snow comes up to our window...) and are surrounded by wonderful friends. 

Christmas was a truly wonderful day - we slept in late, went on a long ski about halfway to Mallard Lake (that I hiked this summer with my brother), and then a nice dinner at the dinning room.  It was a great way to celebrate being with friends who have become our family out here.

There is a rather steep hill, known as Watertower, that we climb up with some frequency (close to daily) to enjoy the thrill of skiing downhill (although I still fall a bit).  The day after Christmas, I woke up just as the sun was coming up in a blaze of glory over the snowy hillside.  I ran up Watertower with as much speed as I could muster and still missed the bright oranges and reds.  However, I spent the morning on the hill taking pictures of the glorious surroundings. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland.

We made it back up to Yellowstone - and it's absolutely beautiful here.  There is about two feet of snow on the ground that makes everything look somehow more majestical than it did in the summer. 

 I've been cross country skiing a few times.  The first time Graham and I went out, we attempted to go up a rather large hill, which resulted in countless falls.  However, after trying a few novice trails, my skill level has improved significantly.  I'm still not too sure how to stop (or snow plow to slow down) so I fall going down hill (as in the picture below).

I head down to Old Faithful Snow Lodge this afternoon - they are supposed to have a lot more snow than we have at Mammoth.  It's so exciting being here during the winter.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


After finishing our trip, Graham and I spent the last month traveling around to visit our families.  I didn't pull out my camera often - I get nervous taking pictures of people.  I enjoy taking pictures of things that don't react when I take a picture of it. 

However, after our third and final Thanksgiving dinner, we walked around my mom's town.  We played in an old school metal playground with my sister's amazing kids, except Savannah who chased after my sister's vehicle to get back to Grandma's. 

I really enjoy spending time with family.  It's always comforting to be around people who love you no matter what.  This weekend, we'll be headed back up to Yellowstone National Park for the winter season!!!