Wednesday, December 1, 2010


After finishing our trip, Graham and I spent the last month traveling around to visit our families.  I didn't pull out my camera often - I get nervous taking pictures of people.  I enjoy taking pictures of things that don't react when I take a picture of it. 

However, after our third and final Thanksgiving dinner, we walked around my mom's town.  We played in an old school metal playground with my sister's amazing kids, except Savannah who chased after my sister's vehicle to get back to Grandma's. 

I really enjoy spending time with family.  It's always comforting to be around people who love you no matter what.  This weekend, we'll be headed back up to Yellowstone National Park for the winter season!!!


  1. Awww Sister ... I love these pictures. It was funny to watch Van chase us through the whole park. Goofy kid! I love you & miss you! Enjoy Yellowstone again ...

  2. I MISS you! Let me know how long you'll be in Yellowstone this time. I'm still wanting to come visit!