Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I suck.

I haven't been posting.  I have no excuse so I'm not going to offer one.  I'll try to be better, but I'm not making any promises. 

Life has been good.  Since we've finished the trail, we spent time with both of our families and returned to Yellowstone to work as guides this winter.  It's been a blast driving snow coaches in some of the most beautiful scenery in our country.  It's also been tiring.  We load heavy luggage to the tops of the Bombardiers and drive up to 100 miles without power steering.  But we get to see things like an adult and imature bald eagle fight over hunting territory or three wolves run across a frozen lake - so I wouldn't change this opportunity for the world.

Since I've been working so much, it means I haven't been getting out and taking photos quite like I want to.  Although that seems a little counter-intuitive.  I (almost) always have my camera with me - but since I'm working, I don't always like to bring it out.  I did go out one night and do a little night photography, which was a ton of fun and something I want to get out and do again. 

That's all for now - it's the reader's digest version of the last few months of my life.  I'll try to be better, but I'm not making any promises... 

All the love in the universe,