Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I love food. I guess for most people who read/write food blogs that can be a DUH! kind of statement. However, I want to start this off right with what loving food means to me.

I think about food all the time - when I wake up, I'm almost immediately wondering what I'm going to eat that day. During slow/down times at the Office, I am reading recipes. On weekends, I watch Julia and Jacque cook on PBS (no cable - I used to watch Food Network all day while working from my couch). When I'm out to eat, I'm wondering if I can recreate this delicious meal in my own kitchen. I talk to friends and family about food.

My beautiful Sister is actually the one who has encouraged me to start writing about my adventures in food land - and has been for some time. Of course, once I said I would start a blog, I felt completely uninspired to cook anything. I've been living off salads and Thai food for the last month while desperately searching for something that would make my belly swoon and my heart flutter with joy again.

On accident, I found it! I was feeling lazy after an extremely long day and stressful in the office. I was in no mood to do anything but lay on my couch and not think. However, I decided to make some popcorn - and as my time in the kitchen progressed, it turned into Brown Butter Popcorn with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

  • Pop popcorn on the stove in a pot with olive oil on extremely high heat. (Or use microwave popcorn with no butter.) 
  •  Melted some butter in a small saute pan and let it cook until it just turns brown. You can smell it turn almost nutty flavored.
  • Take the hard rinds of fresh Parmesan cheese and ground them in a grinder. (The key is to cutting them smaller - it works better.)
  • Combined it all together in a bowl with a little ground sea salt.
  • Enjoy!

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of this miraculous popcorn because I didn't think it would inspire me the way it did. I woke up thinking about it - the whole experience of creating and enjoying the popcorn. (That's when you know it's not your average movie theatre/microwave popcorn!) The simple acting of creating this easy dish - but yet that it had so many flavors made me want to spend time in my kitchen again and share my experiences with you.

I hope you enjoy my food adventures as much as I do - and I promise in the future to provide plenty of pictures. Since I don't have any of my popcorn...