Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cereal Bars

I have so much going on - but most of it is a secret so I can't talk about it yet.  In due time, I will talk about all my secret goings ons.  Let's just say that I am super jazzed about the next few months.
After that little teaser, I can say what I've been doing in my kitchen!  I made the Coconut-Pecan Cereal Bars for Hedder (and family).  Mom, Sister, Hedder and I talk though email during the day.  My mom sent this email to Sister and me (and conveniently left Hedder off) one day:  "I just ate my last cookie and Hedder didn't get any.  I made a cup of coffee to help me wake up and I just couldn't resist.  I was trying to save one for her so she could see she didn't like them.  Too late now."  (NOTE: The Biscotti were delicious; however, Hedder doesn't like coffee and coffee is what makes Biscotti so amazing.)  

Mom finally admitted to her eating all the cookies - with the promise that I'd be sending something else.  These cereal bars made with homemade marshmallows are the make up treat for Mom!

I'm not really a fan of cornflakes - so I wasn't a huge fan of these.  However, if you like cornflakes, then you'd probably love them.  They'd be better with some sort of dried fruit in them.

First, you want to toast a 7 oz. bag of shredded coconut and about a cup and a half of chopped pecans in a 350 degree oven.

I used to hate coconut.  However, I've been loving coconut milk lately.  Sister makes an amazing cake that's similar to a Tres leche cake - just the Hawaiian version with pineapple and coconut milk.  Again, amazing!  Maybe I don't like shredded coconut.  It's pretty though, especially when next to chopped pecans.

Stir it around occassionally.  It'll come out of the oven all pretty and toasted.

Melt a quarter of a cup of unsalted butter in a pan.

Melt your marshmallows in with the butter.

You can see the vanilla bean guts floating around.  

You are making marshmallow soup here.  Let it get smooth and creamy.  No lumps.

Mix the marshmallow soup with four cups of cornflakes and the toasted coconut and pecans.

Pour the mix into a pan and let set until the marshmallow hardens.  

Then cut up and enjoy!  (Or send to your family.)

Love you guys!  Hope you get them soon and enjoy them tremendously!

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