Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Szechuan Green Bean and Pork Stir Fry

After making the pot stickers, I had some leftover ground pork, which isn't an ingredient I use often.  I found this recipe for Szechuan Green Beans with Ground Pork from Cooking Light.  We are nearing the end of my Asian invasion inspired recipes and I think this one was one of my favorites.  It worked perfectly as a leftover for work lunches.  The pork had a great spicy flavor that sort of caramelized around the crumbles.  (Although, it would be fantastic with tofu for a flavorful vegetarian dish.) The green beans were still fresh and crisp (make sure not to over cook them).  The fried egg blended into the dish flawlessly. 

Start with adding the rice into water to get it cooking.  Once it starts boiling, turn down the beat and cover until the water is mostly evaporated.

Brown the pork and add in some chopped garlic.

Prepare the green beans by washing them and chop off the ends.

Make the sauce - a combination of sesame oil, soy and hot pepper flakes.

Add the green beans and spice to the meat.  Let it cook down and the green beans get a little softer to the bite.

I'm not the best at frying eggs - but I love a fried egg.  It's a skill I'll have to practice more, especially now that I'm photographing my food

Fluff up the rice.

Combine all together on a plate.  Truly delicious and easy meal.

Happy cooking.

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