Sunday, April 11, 2010

Steamed Pot Stickers

I'm beginning to clean and pack up today.  My mom (and possibly brother) are going to be in a week and a half!!  I want to be pretty much prepared when they get here.  I'm also trying to not grocery shop and just use up what I have in my refrigerator.  I'm not as worried about pantry items because I'm distributing those items to my mom, who doesn't have access to a lot of items, and my niece, who loves to cook.  I'm getting extra excited about my new adventure as it's getting closer.  

Pot stickers are on of my favorites - and surprisingly easy to make.  Just mix together a combination of finely chopped veggies, meat and fold up in wrappers.  The little purses are perfect for an appetizer - sweet and spicy.  I steam them, which keeps them a little bit healthier.  

Start with sauting the pork with some pepper.

Chop some bok choy, water chestnuts and grate fresh ginger.

Add to the browned pork along with some toated seasame oil.

Refrigerate to let the flavors meld together.

Start with a wrapper.  

Add in a dollop of filling.  Put water along the edges to help them stick together.

Fold together so you have a triangle.  Then push the two points together to create a little purse.

Steam some water and place the pot stickers on a wire rack until cooked through.

The sauce is a combination of hot oil, sesame oil, soy sauce and chopped scallions.


Happy cooking.

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