Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quick Hot Dog Craving....

I'm at work so this has to be quick (sorry work!) and I'm normally against doing anything but being productive at work.  However, I've just had one of those days where all signs point to one food and I had to share.

I'm not normally a person to eat hot dogs - maybe one at the ball park.  However, a co-worker and I were talking about the joys of a perfectly cooked corn dog at lunch today.  (I know, I know - a corn dog is different from a hot dog!  The corn batter that wraps the meat to create a warm blanket of deliciousness...  perfect for the Texas State Fair that I grew up going to.) 

Then I pulled up my Google Reader to look at some sales blogs - yes, I do read blogs other than food - and a magical post appeared about wrapping a hot dog in a tortilla. I couldn't resist and had to take a peak.  Oh!  It looks amazing!

Finally, I was looking for a fun picture to send to a co-worker along with a not so fun email (because I'm a nice co-worker like that - bad news and a fun picture).  I found this:

(Thanks Natilee Dee - you solidified my wanting a hot dog!)

I might be stopping by the store on the way home - or maybe Budacki's.  I do walk by it daily and I've never been there...  I'll keep you posted.

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