Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Citrus and Avocado Salad

I vaguely mentioned in my last post that I'd been having stomach problems that day.  In another post, I shared that I have continued stomach problems.  The past few days have been the worst I've ever experienced.  

I went to the Emergency Room on Monday morning.  When I was at my mom's a couple weekends ago, my sister had told me about her gallbladder getting removed and the symptoms that she had before.  What she described was what I was feeling - discomfort/pain in the stomach region that prevented me from even being able to sit still.  So off I went...  

Thankfully, it was nothing as drastic as that.  My doctor believes it's some sort of stomach infection.  I'm still in pain and mostly just exhausted.  I'm supposed to be going to Laguna Beach this weekend for a work trip - I hope I still get to go!!  I've thrown a hissy fit and will now be going to see a GI specialist - once this flare up goes back down.  I'm also having to switch to a bland diet!  No nuts, raw veggies, spicy foods - none of my favorite foods!

I'm starting my bland diet tonight with a pot of creamy potato soup that my mom makes.  This soup may have "bland" ingredients but it in no way tastes bland - and I promise to share it in a few days.

Although, I'm not going to be enjoying this for the next few weeks:

I'm just taunting myself.  It was truly a delicious salad!  I'd never had a citrus salad before - but this one certainly won't be my last.

Start with a bed of Romain of lettuce and spinach.

Start with carving the grapefruit and orange.  If you've never done this before, lop off the top and the bottom of the fruit.

Cut down the side of the fruit, following the rounded edge of the fruit and trying to get as much of the pith (is that the right term? - I mean the white parts between the fruit and the skin...)

Tada!  Delicious fruit with no bitter pith!  (After this, slice your fruit and an avocado.  I didn't take pictures of this.)

Next is the salad dressing.  Start with some zest from the orange and a lemon. 

Use about a tablespoon of lemon and orange juice.

Add in a dallop of Dijon Mustard and some Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  You'll end up with this beautiful, tangy dressing.

Pour of the bed of salad greens.

Arrange the grapefruit and orange slices on top.  I enjoyed this with a delicious Boulevard Wheat Beer with a slice of lemon that I brought home from Columbia.  Oh!  I still need to do that post!

I ate a bowl of potato soup while writing this and I can already feel my mom's comfort spreading over me, which is the first thing I've actually been able to really eat in 48 hours!  I can feel my energy returning!  Happy Eating!

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  1. Hi Leslie,
    I do hope that your stomach pains go away and that you can eat and enjoy the food you really want to consume. Saying that though, this dish looks flavourful: buttery avocado and citrus bites. And you got the best flavour of all: Mothers Love and Mothers comfort - nothing can replace that. Warm wishes.