Friday, March 19, 2010

Fancy Strawberry Shortcake Puffs

I want to apologize greatly for the photos in this post.  Last Friday, I decided to do a Mojito experiment and photograph it.  However, I misplaced my camera (in my coat closet...) until this morning.  I probably wouldn't even post it (due to photo quality - not taste quality), but it was for a bake off the Val and I did (and I was late!).  She made Chocolate Souffle Cupcakes with White Chocolate Mint Cream that were absolutely phenomenal!  She sent me this recipe for Strawberry Puffs, which were fancy, less cake-y Strawberry Shortcakes. 

These are not something that I would typically make on my own - as I'm a under the philosophy that strawberries are fairly perfect without doing anything to them.  However, the final result was delicious and the filling (whipped cream and crushed strawberries) developed much better flavor after a day or two of marinating in the fridge.  These would be cute for a fancy dinner party in the spring/summer.  (We are getting a chance of snow, this past week of 50s and 60s has been such a tease!)

Start with melting butter in water with a pinch of salt and sugar.  

Once it starts to boil (simmer), add in the flour and stir with a wooden spoon.

Transfer to your mix and beat in 3 eggs, one at a time until the dough is smooth.  (I actually think I could have beat my dough for a smoother mixture.)

Tablespoon out dough onto a pan. 

I started to freak out a bit here.  They were so flat - they looked like cookies!  So I tried rolling one in my hand, which was just a gross mess.  

After sticking in some in the oven, I decided to put some in a muffin pan to help shape the size of the puffs.  

However, they ended up puffing up beautifully!  The muffin ones came out well too.  They were a little taller - but still same concept.

For the filling, cut up 6 strawberries (I used the biggest ones that I could) and let them soak with 2 tablespoons of sugar to draw some of the juices out of the strawberries.  

Crush up the strawberries with a fork.

Mix whipping cream...

...until stiff peaks form.  I just made whipped cream.  Then fold in the crushed strawberries. (Not pictured.)

Blend the rest of the strawberries with some sugar to create a sauce.  (I thought this part was way too sweet.  If I made it again, I might omit the sugar and see how that is.)

Put it all together.  Cut off the top of the puff, stuff in some strawberry whipped cream, put the cap back on, drizzle with sauce and enjoy!

Again, I'm so sorry for the quality of pictures.  Happy cooking!

P.S. Val and I are making a Peach Blueberry Pie and Veggie Lasagna this weekend! I'm super jazzed!!!


  1. Oh wow! I've been looking for a good Mother's Day brunch dessert and this looks like it could be the one!

  2. These were yummy! The melting butter in water still sounds weird to me, but apparently it works just fine. :)