Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Wonderland.

Lone Star Rainbow.
Some days I feel really frustrated about my self-portrait project.  Most days I feel inspired.

I was feeling very low about taking pictures, in general.  I think this has more to do with the snow (read: icy) conditions that we were having this winter.  Until our big storm that has been lasting dumping snow on us over the last week, we've only had snow three days and we've been here for over a month now.  The days get above freezing, which means things start to melt.  The nights get well below freezing (-4 degrees F tonight), which means things freeze really hard.  This combination means that I don't feel inspired to leave my home.

However, because I've committed to getting out and take at least one picture a day that I have my camera with me almost always now.  If I'm going to go through the trouble of lugging it around, then I may as well use it - and I've been using it a lot out in the Upper Geyser Basin (ie the one right outside the Lodge).  In fact, I've been taking so many pictures that it's hard for me to stay caught up with organizing and any adjustments that I do (which is minimal on my landscape pictures).

The storm that we just had completely transformed the landscape.  We went out for a ski along Spring Creek and the up and around on the Howard-Eaton - it was calmly (i.e. no wind!) snowing the whole time creating a trail of wonderful powder that was so much fun to ski. 

Here are some of my favorites - I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Thermal Run Off along the Firehole River.
Grotto Geyser Erupting.
Blowing Snow and Shadows.
Lone Star Major Eruption.
Thermal Run Off on a Cold Morning.
Heart Spring.
Doublet Pool.
First Attempt at Night Photography - Castle Geyser
Old Faithful Eruption at Dawn.
Twigs in a Snowy Crack.
Of course, that isn't all.  Those are just my current favorites; however, if I were to remake this post in a year it would probably be a different handful that we posted.  I feel like my landscapes are getting calmer - maybe it's just the winter.

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