Sunday, January 8, 2012

007/365 - Photo Shoot.

Today, I went out with the intition of a sad photo (or what I felt was sad) - I wanted a photo of my bare feet walking away in the snow with a rose falling out of my hand.  I am missing summer today and wanted to reflect that feeling. 

It's amazing how that idea changes once you get out in front of the camera.  I never even really got one that I liked where I was bare foot just standing there (or walking).  Instead, I started to enjoy the fresh crisp air outside and jumped for joy of life.

This one was my favorite closest to my original plan.

I cut my head off. 


My belly looks weird and my face looks scared.

P.S.  My feet definitely felt the cold!  Right behind my camera I had a sleeping pad with a towel and my warm socks and boots to slip into as I needed to.  Even with that - I only took a small handful of photos.  Hope you enjoy!

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