Sunday, April 22, 2012

200 Miles.

We've made it past the 200 mile mark and are loving every step.  We are in Gaitlinberg for the night.  We stopped to refuel with the best of intentions to head back out to the trail but we've been hearing threats of 10 inches of snow and we may get a new water pump tomorrow (ours is having issues).  So far we have seen a couple of snakes, deer, black bears, a lizard, turtle and wild turkey.  The Black Bears scared us (mostly because we still have the grizzly mentality) so we stood on the trail for 30 minutes before Spark (2011 thru-hiker) came up and helped us pass with ease.  We've met some great folks (hikers and wonderful trail magic angels!) and seen some great stuff.  For the most part we are feeling really good.  My boots were making my toes sting so in a moment of anger through them over the mountain side (this means I am hiking in sandels... and 10 inces of snow!).  G has been having some issues with his ankle after getting boot inserts but nothing that is too bad. I wish I could share details - but I am keeping a journal and will share all when I have time.  I wish I could write a bit more but I'm on a time limit. 
Best wishes and happy trails!  Lots of love, Yogi and BooBoo!


  1. I'm glad it is going so well! I've been thinking about you guys, I hope you are staying warm.

  2. Sounds like an amazing adventure. I want the second copy of the book first edition as I know this would be number 1 on the best sellers list