Tuesday, June 5, 2012

630 Miles.

I just wanted to do a quick check in, since we are taking a lazy day (ie sitting in an air conditioned room watching TV all day!) in Pearisburg, VA.  We are still having a wonderful time and for the most part are really healthy.  We just have stiff and swollen feet - but I guess that would be expected after walked 630 miles. 

So far we have seen 5 mice, 14 snakes, 15 deer, 5 bears, 14 lizards, 2 turtles, 1 turkey, 10 salamanders, 18 toad/frogs, 5 rabbits, 20 chipmunks, 8 squirrels (you would think that one would be higher - but they aren't as abundant in the woods as they are in the city), 16 newts and wild ponies! 

We've had 12 showers and done laundry 4 times (in 2 months - we smell bad!).  I've fallen 7 times (and the last one was a doozy - the rest were barely even worth mentioning) and Yogi has fallen 2 times (and once was because he took a short cut so he rolled down a hill).   I usually win in Paper, Rock, Scissors (7 vs. 2).

Us at Beauty Spot.  Sorry it's not a better photo but it's the quickest one I could find that included both of us!

Every day in an adventure that is exciting to get up, pack up our home and keep moving. 

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