Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Opening Day!

Alum Creek, which looks more like a lake due to snow melt.
Canyon Lodge opens to the public today - still buried under about 3 feet of snow!  Since we moved up here (a little less than a week ago), it's snowed every day but one and we went skiing on Memorial Day.  I've even had a few chances to sneak away and take some photos.  (Oh! Hopefully I'm getting a new camera in a couple weeks - I found one I want used for a super great price!!!)

Great Blue Heron catching a fish.
I've been appreciating the birds in area a lot more this year.  It's possible it's just because I'm learning their names and a few random fun facts here and there.  I've headed out to Hayden Valley (the valley in the high plateau that a large number of animals migrate to during the summer months) in the evening to see what I can see. 

There has been a Great Blue Heron that has been hanging out where Alum Creek runs into the Yellowstone River.  There is a bridge right before this happens, which has been funneling fish right into the Heron's mouth. 

Great Blue Heron with fish.

When I went out yesterday, there was an American White Pelican that was also feeding just a short distance away.  I've heard that Great Blue Heron's will be territorial about their feeding grounds; however, I doubt this one really wanted to try to fight off one of N. America's largest birds. 

American White Pelican

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