Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back to my Roots.

I recently was reading back through when I originally started my blog.  I really enjoyed how I shared little bits and pieces of my daily life.  I've really enjoyed sharing my pictures - but I miss just sharing random stories as well.  So I'm going to start going back down that route and getting back to the beginning.

It's been snowing here pretty heavily for the last week or so.  Wind gusts have reached well past 45 miles per hour.  The prospect of having to ski the quarter of a mile to get to work is not a pleasant one to look forward to.  That also means that I really haven't been out skiing as much.  (Although, I did ski Fern today!)

The day that all the snow began to dump on us was also the day before I had to work the graveyard shift.  So in an attempt to tire myself out, I went out for an 8 miles ski down Spring Creek.  I ended up being dropped off with Ranger Orville Bach and a nice couple from Seattle.  We skied mostly together and had lunch at Lone Star Geyser.  Since we were really enjoying not being around the crowd that was soon going to mass exodus out the way our original plan had been, we decided to break the Howard Eaton trail.  Howard Eaton is in the "more to most difficult" trail; however, there was so much snow on it that whoever was in the lead didn't get any speed going downhill.  

All of this didn't wear me out though.  I only had an hour nap before having to work all night!  Sorry to those people around me - I'm sure I wasn't nearly as pleasant as I normally am. 

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