Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2011 Snow Lodge Winter Olympics - Opening Ceremonies

I've been mentioned that we have our own Winter Olympics here  - Rainer beer: official sponsor of the 2011 winter games.  There were started in 1985 as a way to help keep stir crazy, snowed-in employees from going absolutely bonkers.  There are few traditions that have been started - such as Gunga Ga Lunga and Rainer Man.

Opening ceremonies were held a few days ago.  Everything starts with a parade and quickly progressed into a speech.  We learned of the Birkebeiners who sometime around 1200 were ruling Norway.  The opposing party came and kidnapped their infant king, King Ràiner.  They were well known for the amazing skiing abilities and went out during the winter on their trusty skies to bring King Ràiner back.

We continue to have Birkebeiners who protect the queen during the Winter Olympics.  They perform each event in their woodsman clothes, shield and staff.  Later this afternoon, we competed in the tug-o-war (on skis) and won!!!!  "Team Rainer" beat "Team Other Beer" for the Gold Metal.  Then merriment was had by all at the Appalachian Appreciation Dance.

There are quite a few more event such as the Snow Pole Throw, Bison Chip Toss, Slalom and more.  I am afraid that I'm going to be at work during the rest of the Olympics, but if by some magic I end up attended anymore events - I will share them with yall.  Gunga Ga Lunga!

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