Sunday, May 9, 2010

Doris' Sourdough Biscuits

Happy Mother's Day!

(NOTE: I didn't use this picture of my mom to embarrass her - it's one of my favorites.  She looks so happy and peaceful - I just love it!)  For those of you who know me personally, it's been no secret that my mom and I haven't always had the perfect relationship.  However, we have worked on rebuilding the rifts that had developed between us.  Now I'm lucky to say that my mom is one of my best friends.  (Remember when my sister and I surprised my mom for her birthday - that was awesome!)

I've really enjoyed spending the last two(ish) weeks with her - we've cooked and gardened, talked, laughed and cried.  This is the first opportunity in a few years to actually hang out with each other and I'm so thankful she's my mom.

About a month or so ago my mom lost someone very close to her, which my sister talked about when it happened.  When she was 8 years old, she lost her mom.  My grandmother's best friend, Doris, helped raise my mom.  The other day, we were talking about things that stay with us our whole lives - she ties her grocery store bags in knots (just like Doris did) or worries about leaving water running in between dishes (just like Doris did).  You can see my mom light up just a little bit when she shares something that Doris did or said.

One thing that my mom was worried was lost forever was Doris' Sourdough Biscuits.  However, the recipe was found in her address book and my mom made a batch the day she got the recipe and we've been eating a pinch off the batter each morning.  They aren't big flaky biscuits but more dense with a wonderful flavor that goes perfectly with some honey.  The dough will last up to six weeks in the fridge - making them perfect for everyday breakfasts (like Doris did for her husband) or for special occasions (like Mother's Day).

Doris' Sourdough Biscuits
1 package yeast
1 cup warm water
2 cups buttermilk
3/4 cup corn oil
6 cups of flour - or more as needed
4 tsp baking powder
2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 1/4 cup sugar

Mix all together.
Keep dough in refrigerator.  
Let sit overnight in the fridge before baking the first batch.  
Bake at 450 until golden brown.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  I love you!

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  1. Yum! Fresh biscuits? Honey? History of a loved one? Sounds like the perfect combo to me!