Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'm back at my mom's and with what we suspect is the flu and allergies.  I just took a lovely medley of Benedryl, Mucinex, Ny Quil and Thera Flu - so I apologize for any nonsensical talk.  I'm just hoping I feel better before the big road trip north, which is set to begin Monday evening.  My ride just gave me a call, which was really not to say much more than - I'm so excited!!! I wish it were Monday already!!!

My brother and I are going to my dad's in east Texas this weekend and will possibly be attending a rodeo!  The last rodeo I went to was in Wisconsin.  A group of girlfriends and I went up to work the ticket boths and entrance for our friend's dad.  Steve Azar played and we talked to rodeo cowboys.  One of them tried to convience my friend to run off with him and live on his ranch.  She's an impressionable young lady, but luckily we talked her out of it.  

My mom made a lovely dinner to try to help give me some energy.  She didn't really let me help - all I did was cut up the pineapple, which I did very slowly while sitting down.  Not really one of my prouder food moments.  She grilled filet mignon, shrimp, asparagus and pineapple.  She also made a salad with lettuce, radishes and onions from the garden with bacon, feta and blue eggs from a neighbor!  She's been experiementing with salad dressing of oil and vinegar - this one was a little mustardy, which I'm particularly fond of.  

It was delicious and I have a bit more energy than I did before eating but I feel it slowly leaving my body through my finger tips as I type.  Good night and happy cooking!

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