Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Warning:  There is no food in this post.  But for good reason...  And I do promise to post some food soon - oatmeal honey rolls, citrus salad, granola, Columbia... I figured out what was wrong with uploading my photos so I shouldn't struggle with that in the future.

My mom's birthday was last weekend so my sister and I surprised her!  She had no idea - she kept yelling, "What are you doing here?!  What are you doing here?!  You little..."  My sister has a video that shows us surprising her - and I'll update when that becomes available.  In the meantime, her face was priceless!

"I got you some socks." - Sam (my niece)
"My favorite!!" - Mom (in the moment)

She'd been out working in the yard to clean up the branches that fell during the ice storm.  Even though she was a little stinky, we still loved her!

She was like a princess - as every woman should feel on their birthdays.  Her tiara just happened to be some goggles from working out in the yard.

This was her watching the video of her getting surprised. 

Have you ever seen the Invention of Lying?  If you haven't, you should.  I've never seen it, but I could probably quote half the movie for you.  My sister re-enacted it for us about 5 times.  I called her out for it.  She wasn't happy.

Mom was happy though.  On our way to dinner, Sister and I were taking so many pictures that it was like paprazzi.  We were just so happy to all be together.  (Isn't my mom so pretty?!?!!)

Sister Bear, Brother Bear and I were pretty happy too.  (Even Brother Bear is smiling!)

Mom's cheeks were hurting from smiling to much.  That's a problem I'd like to have every day!

We went to mom's favorite mexican restuarant.  (Here is where I could include food, but I was too excited to be with my family that I wasn't even thinking about it.  Now that's excited!)

My family (more specifically, my mom, sister and me) do this thing where we start laughing so hard that we scream and can't talk.  Since we were all so happy (and a few beers didn't hurt) we were screaming and laughing and screaming...  We ran out the rest of the restaurant patrons.  Oops!

When they sang ¡feliz cumpleaños!, Mom climbed up on the table!!!!

And danced!!!  It was awesome!

I'm so glad that I got to make my mom so happy for her birthday.  I love you family!


  1. What an amazing weekend we had - & what a perfect way to display it - I just completely relived the whole weekend! I love you Family!!!