Sunday, March 18, 2012


When we've talked about hiking the Appalachian Trail, we really hadn't talked too much about whether or not we were going to finish.  It had never really been a question - until others started asking it.

My mom read Appalachian Trials, which suggested that we create a list of why we are hiking the trail.  I'm not going to create a list because I don't really have one.  I feel like I'm doing it because that's the next that we are doing.  There is no question in my mind that we are going to finish it, unless we fall extremely ill or break a leg or something outrageous.

I'm looking forward to long days of walking with everything I need on my back.  I can't wait to slosh through some mud and be dirty.  Oh! and stinky.  Really stinky.  We are going to be wet, frustrated and exhausted.  Some days we are going to hate the trail, ourselves and probably each other.  Those are going to be the days I'm thankful for walking with Graham (maybe not at the time, but later) - we'll motivate each other and keep ourselves as excited to keep hiking as we are to start.

Only 13 more days until we start hiking - and I can't wait!!!

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