Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lost & Found.

It was BEAUTIFUL today!  Clear blue skies, warm temperatures (around 35 F), and I worked all day.  So I went ice-skating during my "cigarette" break and had a ball!

A ("fictional") story:

Rebecca Daisy is a wonderfully kind 76-year-old marathon athlete and cross-country competitive skier from a small town tucked away in the rolling high plains with grand vistas of the Rocky Mountains.  She recently went on vacation – skiing out at the Little Canyon of the Purplerock and along Autumn Creek.  During the last day of her visit, she began to feel under the weather.  It was most likely a cold that caused her to feel a bit more hazy than normal.

After returning home from her vacation, she took a few days to unpack while she waiting for her sore throat and scratchy voice to evaporate.  When she finally went through her bag, she was missing a jacket.  Not just any jacket but one that she had received a few years ago for being the oldest and one of the most active members of her ski club.  She was wearing it when she won the big ski race in Wisconsin last winter.

She called the Front Desk say she had forgotten her jacket hanging in her closet of her cabin.  When she had returned from her Autumn Creek ski, she knows she remembers hanging up the coat she wore (not the one she left but a different one since it had been a fairly warm day and she needed something lighter) next to it.  She just must have missed it since she wasn’t feeling well. 

After clearing her driveway of any accumulated snow, she called back to learn that housekeeping couldn’t find it. Well if the housekeeping staff couldn’t find this very sentimental jacket, then she was would hire the best detective in the land! 

After stewing in her feelings over the lost jacket, she called again before her moonlight ski to see if any new developments had happened.  Bad news – no jacket.  By now, she’s not sure if a detective will be enough, maybe she will need a lawyer as well.

As she was heading out for her ski, she looked in her closet to get her jacket and she found the missing jacket from the ski club!  So she called 411, which connected her to payphone outside the hotel where a random smoker happened to answer.  The confused recipient stopped by the front desk to inform the staff to call of their search – the ski had been lovely and the jacket had been found!

During my last two days at work, we have been accused of stealing twice.  Ms. Daisy (whose name has been changed to protect the innocent) was really a very nice lady (truly - there is no sarcasm in the sentence. I would love to sit down and have a cup of tea with her.).    However, the day before, a totally different lady came down and said that she had left her prescription sunglasses with a pink frame on her desk.  They must have disappeared after housekeeping had been in her room because they aren’t anywhere to be found.  We went looking - lost & found, the lobby, a quick glance in her room (where my boss was attacked by a scarf and he freaked like a little girl).  She asked us to file a police report, which we did, and place a letter of suspension in whomever had cleaned her room's file.  That evening, we discovered she was looking for regular glasses, which we had in our lost & found and promptly returned to her.

Please keep my last two days in mind next time you misplace an item.  The gal behind the front desk will appreciate it.

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