Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gunga Ga Lunga!!!

It's official - the 2012 Snow Lodge Winter Olympic games have begun.  The Snow Gods must have been happy with us since it dumped snow all day long.  A parade and speech from the wonderful Bethanie began the winter games.

Bethanie shared the story of young Prince Ràiner, whom was born to the Queen.  There were others that wanted Prince Ràiner so they kidnapped him and took him way over the mountains.  The fearless Birkenbeaners skied out into those mountains and brought young Prince Ràiner back to the Queen.  All Hail Queen Rachel!

The first event is the Rainer cup, a relay race on skis.  We pass along a backpack with a six-pack of soda, which is conveniently the same size that young Prince Ràiner was when he was kidnapped those many years ago.  We lost horribly!  It all started when Graham took off on the first leg and his ski boots popped out of his bindings.  As he struggled to put his boots back in the clip, the strap of the backpack came undone.  Eventually, he did get going but after an obviously slower start than the rest of the racers.  By the time it was my turn (the third leg), I had enough time to take a quick bathroom break between the first switch off and my turn to switch off.  We ended up in last place.

Next was tug-o-war (on skis, of course).  No metal edged skis - safety first.  Tug-o-war is about a lot of drunken trash talking, falling and trying to keep pulling.  Team Rainer always wins.

I'm glad the Olympics are here - it's a nice break from the monotony of the end of the season.  People seem to be excited this year and good participation.  I hope it keeps up until the closing ceremonies - Yellowstone's Birthday, March 1.   Gunga Ga Lunga!

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