Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pacific Coast – Day 9 and 10

We spent our first night up on this ledge with the beach just below in Pacific Ocean State Park.  After the sunset, we wandered along the beach for a while watching the stars and looking for things (sand dollar skeletons and crabs) in the surf.  (This was also our first chance to shower on the trip – I was super jazzed to get clean!)

The next day, we headed to the Oregon/Washington border – to the Cape of Disappointment.  We climbed out on the jetty in between the beach and the mouth of the Columbia River.  We sat out there for the afternoon – watching pelicans fly by the fishing boats just off the coast. 

That evening, we made a fantastic dinner with Chanterelle mushrooms, fire-cooked corn and mashed potatoes.  The next day, we left our friends and headed back inland towards Colorado.

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