Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gallatine National Forest - Day 1

Our first day out of Yellowstone and we had traveled to just ten miles or so outside the west entrance.  The season (i.e. work) was over.  Our grand adventure was beginning. 

We camped in the Gallatine National Forest based on a friend’s recommendation – she said it wasn’t very far and the sites were pretty secluded.  We passed by an area that had three sites – and two of them were taken.  We figured there would be more so we headed up the very rocky road up into the mountains.

After driving four miles up the mountain with no signs of another site, we turned around and headed back to the one available site.  We saw a deer on our way down – the first wildlife outside of the park! 

We quickly set up our tent, went for a walk and headed off to sleep without a fire to commemorate the event.  I was up before the sun rose and sat shivering watching the sunrise on the hillside while Aspens quaked beside me in the morning breeze. 

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