Friday, July 19, 2013

Bear Head Photography.

Black Bear.
Early on during the season, our friend, Barrett, passed through Yellowstone on his way up to Alaska where he is a bear guide.  He showed us a video from a few summers ago that he took while doing the same job - and it's of him on an ATV with guests in the back.  A sow and her cubs are grazing a few yards away.  One of the cubs gets interested so Barrett starts kicking the cub in the face to get him to back up! He said he had heard that both cubs were still roaming around.  It made my toes tingle a little bit watching the video.

He is an amazing photographer, with patience that I couldn't even imagine having.  He visited us this past winter because he had heard about a bobcat with her kitten that was being spotted along the Madison River.  He would wake up at 5 every morning to catch the a.m. express out to Seven Mile Bridge where he waited - skiing up and down the road, reading, and if it was warm enough maybe a little nap.  Eventually, the p.m. express would cruise back by in the late evening, pick him and his extremely large camera up and take him to the Snow Lodge.  He waited 10 hours a day for four days in the cold of Yellowstone's winter in the hopes of a bobcat that never showed up. He did eventually find one to photograph in Yosemite NP a month or so later. 

Bison Calf.
While he was here, we went out looking for wildlife because that's what Barrett does.  It was nice to get out and see the park so early in the spring.  We found 8 bears (a sow Grizzly and her 2 cubs, a Black Bear with a cinammon and a black cub, a large boar Black Bear and a young Black Bear that people were way to close too!), a moose and lots of bison with their newborn calves. 

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