Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back Home.

Big Horn Sheep Youngsters.
 After our brief break visiting family, we are back in Yellowstone.   I would have liked to post sooner (and my mom got onto me for taking a break); however, I've been lacking internet signal.  After quite a lengthy discussion with the internet provider, I plugged and unplugged the box and it started working today!  It's the simple things...

Mama Bison and not-even-day-old Red Dog.
 The other day, a group of us from my training class and I went for a hike on the Rescue Creek Trail.  We started from just inside the North Entrance and went out about 2.5 miles before losing the trail under a snow covered, bison protected pass.  We originally attempted to go around the bison by climbing a hill but that was when we realized it was snow covered and weren't quite sure which way to head.  Instead, we climbed up the rather high hill to get a great view of the surrounding mountains.  Scrambling down was indeed an adventure.

On our way (out and back), we passed through a couple of valleys that were laden with wildlife.  Up on the hill there were Elk and down in the valley was a scattering of Pronghorn, Bison (including one red dog i.e. baby bison) and Big Horn Sheep.   On our way out, the Big Horn Sheep youngsters (about a year old) came incredibly close and were playfully head-butting each other.  Early practice for when they are fighting to be the dominate male.

Sexy lady Pronghorn with two males.
Then on our way out of the valley, there were two males that were fighting with each other.  We stopped to take their photos while a female (the one we presume they were fighting for) wandered over curious about us.  She wandered withing 5 feet of us with her two male suttors following shortly behind.  It was truly an amazing way to getting back into the park.

I am hoping to be better - starting now I want to start posting twice a week (with the only exceptions being when the internet is non-existent, which I'm sure will happen when living out in the middle of nowhere).  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I'm glad you're back, and your Mom was right to get on you for being gone!