Wednesday, January 26, 2011

23 Miles on Skis... two days.  My last weekend was an absolute blast - I skied to Fairy Falls, which I went to with my family this past fall, and to the Continental Divide. 

I didn't really take many pictures out at Fairy Falls or on our way back.  It was a super blustery day - we had multiple offers from snow coaches to give us a ride back to the lodge.  The falls were beautiful.  In the winter, they get a ring of ice that starts to grow at both sides of the falls and creates these magical ice formations.  I want to head back out there on a clear blue day; however, those are something of rarities out here this winter.

The next day, Graham and I got dropped off at the Continental Divide trail head and skied to the top of the mountain.  We could have stopped in the saddle that overlooks Shoshone Lake.  We didn't realize this and made the trek all the way up the top of the mountain to get this small glimpse of sunlight on a fairly distant mountainside through an even smaller clearing in the trees.  It was absolutely amazing to look out over this area.

On our way back down, we ran into three older ladies (one is a ranger and the other two were Yellowstone Association employees) who kicked our butts to get out of there.  However, they did tell us about an overlook just off the saddle that gives you a decent view of Shoshone Lake.  It is rumored that you can see all the way to the Grand Tetons on a clear day - not on the day that we were out.

We skied back down the hill and along Spring Creek.  Our original plan had been to climb out on the Howard Eaton and have a fast down hill finale.  I ran into a napping (only briefly) Graham as we left Spring Creek.  We took the easier and slower route past Kepler Cascades.  The rest of the evening, we were both zombie-esque as we recovered from an extremely long day.

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